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COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (C&I) Magazine is among the leading business and industrial publications in Sub – Saharan Africa.  C & I Links various sectors to target markets. Our goal is to identify, highlight and promote excellence in both the private and public sectors in the East African Community trading bloc and beyond.


PRODUCT:                   Commerce & Industry ‘The Publication with Business Information’


PUBLISHER:                 Contact Publishers Company Limited


FREQUENCY:               Monthly


CONTENT:                   Information on the latest business news, features and op-eds.



Commerce and Industry (C & I) Magazine has 25 years of publishing experience. Since its inception in 1994, C & I has grown organically over the years. In 2015, C & I undertook a strategic restructuring in terms of influence and scope. This was done in order to increase the level of quality research, reporting, editing, verification and production. Adjustments have also been made in relation to whom we choose to partner with in our final production process as well as the quality of materials we use.

C & I is a non-partisan, non-political business magazine, which takes a centrist position on issues. We are guided by positive work ethics; we endeavor to report positive information that is of benefit to our readership.

We seek to network with our advertisers and readers with utmost decency and diligence.

At C & I, we embrace religious values which guide our business relations. The magazine is 100 percent owned by Contact Publishers, which is fully owned by Kenya Nationals.



To be acclaimed as the best and most sought after business publication in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To identify, highlight and promote excellence in both the industrial and public sectors regionally. This we do by identifying successful companies and the people behind them and telling their stories to motivate and educate their peers.

We also use this publication as a centre of excellence in which we train our writers and sales team with appositive mental attitude, which by all means, when well adopted, radiates and elevates our readers and they become buyers of our advertisers’ goods. Our positive writing is deliberate to keep our readers positive so that any item on the magazine creates a positive feeling.



Commerce and Industry (C & I) Magazine has 25 years of publishing experience. Since its inception in 1994, C & I has grown organically over the years.  We have the requisite experience to position you in the market.

Target Market and Readership

We try to guarantee our advertisers their money’s worth by taking the publication to the people whom we feel will influence decisions and make sure that the sales volumes of products and services advertised are enhanced substantially.

A larger part of our target market comprise decision makers such as management staff of various organizations in the region, diplomats, businessmen, industrialists, corporate and individual heads, relevant ministries (Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Under Secretaries etc), NGOs, higher learning institutions, medical sector, banking sector, aviation industry, research institutions and tourism industry.

No publication is ever left to waste, if they are not bought or subscribed; we use them in our marketing department for prospecting so that at the end of our distribution/circulation we are able to establish the impact and feedback.

We believe the impact the publication creates in the market is significant and long lasting. This is explained as follows, most of our readers are decision makers, who we know are opinion leaders, once the publication has created a positive impact among them we believe that this trickles down to their followers especially with consumer goods. Consumer behavior is such that buyers regard goods bought by their superiors as the best. We are confident that doing business with us will be the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding business relationship.

Market Reach

The Commerce & Industry magazine print run per edition is 18, 756.

We believe that each and every copy is seen by at least eight to twelve people within the corporate sector since the publication’s shelf life is one month. The above translates to above 200, 000 serious readers monthly.

Given the Publication’s in-depth exhaustive content in business reporting, we feel our subscribers have immense interest in the Business, economics and commercial news which is evidenced by the fact that quite a substantial amount of copies are bought by advertisers for their targeted marketing  initiatives.

We have a large clientele base that advertises our magazine for both financial as well as for social marketing campaigns. The latter includes both Government establishments and nongovernmental organizations.

In order to reach a wide and diverse readership, other copies are distributed throughout the region at trade fairs, industrial exhibitions etc. Also after successful supplement, most companies buy copies to take to their customers/prospects for their own marketing purposes.

Quality and Attention to Detail

Commerce & Industry seeks to be the most sought after business publication in Sub Saharan Africa. With this in mind, we ensure that our business information, news analysis, and editorials are thoroughly researched, informative and educational. With very strict Service Level Agreements, our final copy bears keen editing, top quality paper material, coupled with well researched positive articles. We endeavor to deliver each publication within the agreed delivery time. The benefits of being part of this cannot be gainsaid; all this for an affordable rate.


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