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Crawford International School Secures 15 Slots at the Tournament of Champions

15 students from Crawford International School will be participating in the Tournament of champions to be held in Yale University later in the year after succeeding in the World Scholars Cup Winter Global Round concluded in Dubai.

Under the theme ‘‘A World Renewed’’ the students bond through team events like collaborative writing, thought-provoking debates, scholar’s challenge and an exam.

The topics are selected from a range of subject areas namely history, special area, art and music, science, literature and social studies. Scholars also engage in community events such as debates, scholars’ bowl, scholars’ cultural show and scholars’ scavenge.

Jenny Coetzee, the Managing Director of Crawford International School explains, ‘‘The challenge offers a vibrant atmosphere of fun and friendly competition beginning at a regional level to a highly diverse global round and finally a snagging coveted spot in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University.

While at the university, students get an opportunity to tour the prestigious academic institutions in the world such as Harvard University, Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.’’

‘‘The event encourages an inclusive, inter-disciplinary, team-oriented and whimsical activity whose goal is to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths, develop and sharpen existing skills, practice new ones and to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders,’’ concluded Jenny Coetzee.

Crawford International School Kenya is a brand of Africa’s leading private education provider, JSE-listed ADvTECH. The School opened its doors to students at the new state of the art facilities in Tatu City, Nairobi, Kenya on 4 September 2018, and is aligned with Crawford Schools that has been a proud leader in progressive and high-end private education in South Africa since 1993.

The school’s curriculum is based on a progressive educational approach which prepares children for the 21st century and allows for development of the global competencies required of this century’s students. These include global citizenship, communication skills, entrepreneurial thinking skills, collaboration, and environmental awareness.

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