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Agriculture Ministry Launches Countrywide Nutrition Program

In response to Covid-19, yesterday CAS Madam Anne Nyaga launched the 1 MILLION HOME GARDENS for the household level intervention on nutrition in Kasikeu, in Makueni County, the front runner for this initiative.

Prior to the launch of the 1 million Home gardens initiative, she visited Makueni ATC fish farm in Makueni County, where they had an interactive discussion with a group of youth using their knowledge in the fish value chain, both fingerlings production as well as grow out. The farm sells the fingerlings at Ksh 10 per piece to farmers. The farm has a capacity of 50,000 fingerlings.

The Ministry is spearheading a campaign for One Million Home Gardens in the country to help households maintain healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring the constant availability of nutritious foods.

The mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture is to ensure that the country has food and nutrition security. This is especially important in rural areas where people have limited income-earning opportunities and poor access to markets.

In addition to producing vegetables, keeping small stock or poultry, goats, and fish in their home gardens, CAS Nyaga urged households to prolong the shelf life of perishable foods through preservation to enable households to maintain social distancing by reducing the frequency of market visits.

During this 1Million Home Gardens launch in Makueni, Which is being spearheaded by the youth, the Ministry has designed programs that are being implemented in all the 47 counties that are deliberately mainstreaming the youth agenda.The youth will be supported to initiate agribusinesses that will be involved in the marketing and value-addition of the vegetables. This will create jobs in line with the ASTGS.

The National Agriculture and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP), has supported over 19,750 beneficiaries across 21 counties, the Kenya Climate-Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), 171,992 beneficiaries across 24 counties and the Small Scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP), has supported 15,000 beneficiaries bringing to a total of 206,742 beneficiaries.

SIVAP will further support 200,000 households across 21 counties.
CAS Nyaga called upon communities and farmers to reach out to County Governments to get the support.

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