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AAR Insurance Moves to Digital to Empower Members

Medical underwriter AAR Insurance is rolling out a digital transformation strategy that will revamp its distribution channels to attract tech-savvy clientele and empower customers to make critical decisions about their health.   

The company has introduced several digital platforms that not only deliver flexibility and convenience to clients but also enable them track and manage their medical expenses.

 The insurer is also banking on the digital model to enhance efficiency, innovation and transparency across its business processes.  According to AAR Insurance Managing Director Nixon Shigoli, this is part of the company’s strategic direction towards delivering customer experience and innovating new ways of engaging with its clients.

 “The AAR brand is on a digital transformation journey to empower our customers and create a delightful experience. Our goal is to create an enabling environment for our clients to enjoy end-to-end services through their mobile phones and other devices,” said Shigoli.

 For instance, AAR has partnered with e-commerce firm Carepay to roll out M-TIBA, a platform that enables customers to manage their medical expenses using their mobile phones. The new service replaced the medical cards previously used by clients to access treatment. Now, they only need to activate through the USSD code (*253#) using a mobile device.

“Mobile-based platforms are crucial in improving health care delivery and increasing uptake of medical insurance. In addition, technology enhances the customer service while lowering the cost of service delivery,” says Mr. Shigoli.

AAR has also introduced an online portal where clients can apply for medical insurance, get quotations, upload the requisite documents, and pay for the cover. Customers no longer have to fill out physical forms as they can apply for a medical cover online anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, one can purchase travel insurance, personal accident cover, and home insurance online, pay using mobile money payment platforms, and get their policy in a matter of minutes. Using the online portals, clients can manage their policy by checking cover utilization and ensuring personal data is accurate.   

 Mr. Shigoli adds that his company is keen on harnessing its digital assets to drive the long-term sustainability of its business and relationships with customers.

 The shift to digital is also key in curbing fraud and other malpractices involving medical insurance claims. Bureaucracy and opaque processes have been blamed for client over-billing by some service providers and in some cases fraudulent claims through impersonation.  

 “Empowering the consumer and enhancing transparency is a critical factor in tackling fraud and other malpractices. Our clients are able to keep track of their expenses hence reducing opportunities for malpractices,” explains Mr. Shigoli.

 Insurance firms have been seen as slow in responding to the digital disruption shaking up the industry and shifting decision-making power to consumers. But this is changing as companies like AAR Insurance ramp up their digital capabilities to grow their business and empower clients.

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