Creative Vision Has A Long Hand

By Sylvester Oluoch

Is there a part of your brain, or a tool of nature, so powerful that it connects you with money and anything you want? Yes, there is. And you can activate it with imagination, determination and work. Creative vision has a long hand, which can reach anywhere you want and bring you any form of happiness and riches that you can conceive and believe.

It is through creative vision that we now fly air crafts from the biggest airliners to the smallest drones. Everything that has been made by hand – the tangible things we use – was once an intangible thought in a person’s subconscious. If you dig deep into your “quiet” side of the mind, believing creative vision has a long hand; it will come to your aid and fulfill your dreams.

It is through imagination that the musician, poet, comedian and all other players in the arts connect to a source by which they bring us amazing joy. Indeed, knowing that creative vision has a long hand is the starting point of imagination that triggers accomplishment. To reach your self-actualization, know that creative vision has a long hand and make use of it.

“Vision without execution is hallucination… Skill without imagination is barren. Leonardo [da Vinci] knew how to marry observation and imagination, which made him history’s consummate innovator.”  ~ Walter Isaacson, Leonardo da Vinci.

Creative vision has a long hand, but just like your physical hand, unless stretched to reach out, it brings nothing. Use your imagination to reach out for the bounties. Make your first steps modest, and increase your imagination with every goal you achieve; and you will live to see when you have everything you desire and work for. Use it believing that creative vision has a long hand that reaches anywhere your desire takes it.

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