Pupils in classes four to eight are rushing for places in the Kenya National Spelling Bee competition inspired by the chance to represent Kenya in the African Spelling Bee and to win the lavish prizes. The Kenya National champion will take home Ksh. 500,000 and a laptop. The prize for the English teacher will be Ksh. 50,000 and the school will be rewarded with a 26 seater bus.

D.T Dobie is prominent among the sponsors and Ian Middleton, The Managing Director, explained the company’s decision to support the Spelling Bee by saying, “English is an international language and good spelling is of great importance. We are keen to raise the level of spoken and written English to help maintain the reputation that Kenya has for well educated young people and to promote a reading culture among learners.”

Registration closes on May 27th and the Sub County Championships start on June 15th. The best three spellers in the Sub County competition will go forward to the County level.

In an exciting TV show three winners from each county will meet at the quarter finals. This will result in the best three winners in each group to proceed to the semifinals.

The semi finals TV show will feature 36 spellers competing in a clustered group competition. The three top contestants in each cluster will classify for the national finals. This will be a nail biting event on TV with nine spellers reduced to the top three in Kenya. This trio of star spellers will head for the 2019 African Spelling Bee.

Ian Middleton concluded “Kenya is best known for our superb long distance runners. It is highly desirable that we show the world that Kenyans also shine in other fields. It is a matter of pride that Mr. Peter Mokaya Tabichi won the award for the best teacher in the world. Now it is our hope that the Kenya National team in the African Spelling Bee will bring home top prizes.”


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